Brief History

Brief History

As a brief history, I founded the NEUIslanders Robotic Football Team to compete in RoboCup Small Size League in Near East University in 2010.
Since 2012 my team is taking regular place in RoboCup.


General Info & Rules of SSL

Robocup is a competition domain designed to advance robotics and AI research through a friendly competition. Small Size robot soccer is one of the RoboCup league divisions. Small Size robot soccer, or F 180 as it is otherwise known, focuses on the problem of intelligent multi-agent cooperation and control in a highly dynamic environment with a hybrid centralized/distributed system.

A Small Size robot soccer game takes place between two teams of six robots each. Each robot must conform to the dimensions as specified in the F 180 rules: The robot must fit within an 180mm diameter circle and must be no higher than 150mm.

The robots play soccer with an orange golf ball on a green carpeted field that is 9m long by 6m wide.

All objects on the field are tracked by a standardized vision system that processes the data provided by four cameras that are attached to a camera bar located 4m above the playing surface. The vision system is called SSL-Vision is an open source project maintained by the league's community.